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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Feb-2019Airport terminals and desert planes: re-visiting the border in the terminal and no country for old menMoya, Ana; López, Gemma (López Sánchez)
26-May-2020Charles Dickens: the man who perfected celebrityGarcía Olivar, Alejandro
30-Jan-2013Deterritorialising patriarchal binary oppositions: Deleuze and Guattari, Virginia Woolf, Masculinities and Film AdaptationsOrtega, Dolors
23-Jan-2020Dilemas en el proceso de adaptación de los referentes socio-culturales en las versiones cinematográficas de seis novelas de Gabriel García MárquezMessanne, Rima Ibrahim
11-Jun-2020Disney Princesses: the evolution of the role of women within societyFuentes Vera, Roger
1-Mar-2018Inkjet printed flexible non-enzymatic glucose sensor for tear fluid analysisRomeo, Agostino; Moya, Ana; Leung, Tammy S.; Gabriel, Gemma; Villa, Rosa; Sanchez, Samuel
11-Jun-2019It is time for Virginia WolfIñigo Barricarte, Ane
17-Feb-2010The Limitless self: desire and transgression in Jeanette Winterson's "Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit" and "Written on the Body"Castaño Méndez, Francesca
15-Jun-2021Materialist Criticism and Aesthetic Value: The Marketing Structures of Jane Austen’s Novels and Van Dusen’s BridgertonCarreras Torres, Ainhoa
21-Dec-1989La Mujer y el matrimonio en las principales novelas de William Makepeace ThackerayMoya, Ana
11-Jun-2019Orientalism in american narrative and cinema: the case of Memoirs of a geishaObradors Noguera, Elisabet
11-Jun-2019Peter Pan and Wendy Darling. A study of J.M. Barrie’s use of gender in his original play Peter Pan and three filmic adaptationsCervera Rovira, Núria
11-Jun-2019Philip K. Dick as a source of distopian places and futures in sci-filmsSallarés Moure, Joan
Oct-2018Resemblance of the human liver sinusoid in a fluidic device with biomedical and pharmaceutical applicationsOrtega Ribera, Martí; Fernández Iglesias, Anabel; Illa, Xavi; Moya, Ana; Molina, Víctor; Maeso Díaz, Raquel; Fondevila Campo, Constantino; Peralta Uroz, Carmen; Bosch i Genover, Jaume; Villa, Rosa; Gracia Sancho, Jordi
8-Mar-2010Sublimation in the work of May Sinclair: "The Flaw in the crystal"Choquet, Marianne
11-Jun-2020The question of obedience and rebellion in Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and southSegalés Colom, Mariona
10-Jun-2020Woolf’s consciousness in movement: stream of consciousness from The Waves to McGregor’s “Tuesday.”Ribas Besora, Pep
18-Jan-2008Working-class Culture and Work as portrayed in Texts and Films of Alan Sillitoe´s "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" and "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner"Keady, Stephen