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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Active-learning methods in large groups of repeat studentsAbío, Gemma; Alcañiz, Manuela; Arespa Castelló, Marta; Chuliá Soler, Helena; Gómez-Puig, Marta; Manna, Ester; Patxot, Concepció; Rubert, Glòria; Sánchez-Losada, Fernando; Serrano, Mònica (Serrano Gutiérrez); Stoyanova, Alexandrina Petrova; Vilalta-Bufí, Montserrat
2007Cost-Based Models of Economic GrowthCardona Coll, Daniel; Sánchez-Losada, Fernando
2014Endogenous growth with capital in R&D production functionsSánchez-Losada, Fernando
2017Endogenous Technology and Climate ChangeHaro Bañón, Antonio
21-Sep-2018Essays on Industrial Policy, Structural Change, and International TradeHollstein, Till Ferdinand
15-Jun-2022Essays on Skilled Labor Force and Structural TransformationsArmas, Cynthia
2016Firms' operational costs, market entry and growthCardona Coll, Daniel; Sánchez-Losada, Fernando
Apr-2019How Important Are Scale Effects for Growth When Knowledge Is a Public Good?Sánchez-Losada, Fernando
Nov-2015Knowledge misallocation and growthRaurich, Xavier; Sánchez-Losada, Fernando; Vilalta-Bufí, Montserrat
2011Labor Mobility and Productivity GrowthRaurich, Xavier; Sánchez-Losada, Fernando; Vilalta-Bufí, Montserrat
2014R&D poverty trapsSánchez-Losada, Fernando; García Rodríguez, Abián
1999The role of unions in an endogenous growth model with human capitalRamos Parreño, José María; Sánchez-Losada, Fernando
2016Self-Financing Education, Borrowing Constraints, Government Policies, and Economic GrowthDuong, Hoang D.; Sánchez-Losada, Fernando
2021Structural change and the income of nationsArmas, Cynthia; Sánchez-Losada, Fernando
2005The Unemployment Benefit System: a Redistributive or an Insurance Institution?Sánchez-Losada, Fernando; Cardona Coll, Daniel
2003Union power, minimum wage legislation endogenous labor supplies and productionCardona Coll, Daniel; Sánchez-Losada, Fernando