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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2023Association between the mediterranean diet and vitamin C and the risk of head and neck cancerSaka Herrán, Constanza; Pereira-Riveros, Tanya; Jané Salas, Enric; López López, José, 1958-
6-May-2022Effects of the Prior Use of Statins on Head and Neck Cancer Risk: A Hospital-Based Case–Control StudySaka Herrán, Constanza; Jané Salas, Enric; Mano Azul, Antonio; Torrejón Moya, Aina; Estrugo Devesa, Albert; López López, José, 1958-
1-Dec-2020Oral lichen planus and dental implants: protocol and systematic reviewTorrejon-Moya, Aina; Saka Herrán, Constanza; Izquierdo Gómez, Keila; Marí Roig, Antonio; Estrugo Devesa, Albert; López López, José, 1958-
30-Jan-2020Platelet-Rich Plasma in Maxillary Sinus Augmentation: Systematic ReviewOrtega Mejia, Holmes; Estrugo Devesa, Albert; Saka Herrán, Constanza; Ayuso Montero, Raúl; López López, José, 1958-; Velasco Ortega, Eugenio
12-Apr-2021Reliability and Agreement of Three Devices for Measuring Implant Stability Quotient in the Animal Ex Vivo ModelBlázquez Hinarejos, Mónica; Saka Herrán, Constanza; Diez Alonso, Victor; Ayuso Montero, Raúl; Velasco Ortega, Eugenio; López López, José, 1958-
14-Mar-2022Retrospective Study of Biohorizons® Implants Placed by Postgraduate Students at the University of BarcelonaGraterol Duran, Arianna; Ayuso Montero, Raúl; Saka Herrán, Constanza; Blázquez Hinarejos, Mónica; Roca Obis, Paula; Marí Roig, Antonio; López López, José, 1958-
16-Mar-2021Time-to-Treatment in Oral Cancer: Causes and Implications for SurvivalSaka Herrán, Constanza; Jané Salas, Enric; Marí Roig, Antonio; Estrugo Devesa, Albert; López López, José, 1958-