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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jul-2004Caracterització òptica de materials en estructures multicapa per a filtres interferencialsSancho i Parramon, Jordi
1-Sep-2012Dark modes and Fano resonances in plasmonic clusters excited by cylindrical vector beamsSancho i Parramon, Jordi; Bosch i Puig, Salvador
17-Dec-2010Detection and characterization of single nanoparticles by interferometric phase modulated ellipsometryBarroso, F.; Bosch i Puig, Salvador; Tort Escribà, Núria; Arteaga Barriel, Oriol; Sancho i Parramon, Jordi; Jover, Eric; Bertrán Serra, Enric; Canillas i Biosca, Adolf
11-Jul-2018Light scattering by coupled oriented dipoles: decomposition of the scattering matrixKuntman, Mehmet Ali; Kuntman, Ertan; Sancho i Parramon, Jordi; Arteaga Barriel, Oriol
2014Metal island film-based structures for sensing using spectrophotometry and ellipsometryJanicki, V.; Sancho i Parramon, Jordi; Bosch i Puig, Salvador; Zorc, H.; Belarre, F. J.; Arbiol i Cobos, Jordi
2014Optical forces induced by metal nanoparticle clustersSancho i Parramon, Jordi; Bosch i Puig, Salvador
1-May-2016Procedures for the measurement of the extinction cross section of one particle using a Gaussian beamBosch i Puig, Salvador; Sancho i Parramon, Jordi
27-Jan-2016Relation between 2D/3D chirality and the appearence of chiroptical effects in real nanostructures.Arteaga Barriel, Oriol; Sancho i Parramon, Jordi; Nichols, Shane; Maoz, Ben M.; Canillas i Biosca, Adolf; Bosch i Puig, Salvador; Markovich, Gil; Kahr, Bart
2003Use of information on the manufacture of samples for the optical characterization of multilayers through a global optimizationSancho i Parramon, Jordi; Ferré Borrull, Josep; Bosch i Puig, Salvador; Ferrara, Maria Christina