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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-May-2022A green approach to phenolic compounds recovery from olive mill and winery wastesTapia-Quirós, Paulina; Montenegro-Landívar, Maria Fernanda; Vecino, Xanel; Alvarino, Teresa; Cortina Pallàs, José Luis; Saurina, Javier; Granados i Juan, Mercè; Reig, Monica
17-Feb-2023An overview of the extraction and chromatographic characterization of bioactive phenolic compounds from agri-food residues waste within the framework of circular bioeconomyMir-Cerdà, Aina; Núñez Burcio, Oscar; Granados i Juan, Mercè; Sentellas, Sonia; Saurina, Javier
31-Aug-2021Analytical methods for exploring nutraceuticals based on phenolic acids and polyphenolsVidal-Casanella, Oscar; Núñez Burcio, Oscar; Granados i Juan, Mercè; Saurina, Javier; Sentellas, Sonia
21-Oct-2020Assessment of experimental factors affecting the sensitivity and selectivity of the spectrophotometric estimation of proanthocyanidins in foods and nutraceuticalsVidal-Casanella, Oscar; Núñez Burcio, Oscar; Hernández Cassou, Santiago; Saurina, Javier
23-Feb-2021Assessment of paprika geographical origin fraud by high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection (HPLC-FLD) fingerprintingCampmajó Galván, Guillem; Rodríguez-Javier, Luis R.; Saurina, Javier; Núñez Burcio, Oscar
Jan-2020Assessment of polymeric resins for the recovery of polyphenolsTabla Ruiz, Núria
2022Autenticació de cafès mitjançant mètodes de GC-MS i quimiometria. Aplicació a la detecció i quantificació de mostres de cafè adulterades Coffee authentication using GC-MS and chemometric methods. Application to the detection and quantitation of adulterated coffee samplesNúñez, Nerea; Moret, Erica; Lucci, Paolo; Saurina, Javier; Núñez Burcio, Oscar
20-Mar-2018Authentication and quantitation of frauds in extra virgin olive oils based on HPLC-UV fingerprinting and multiariate calibrationCarranco, Núria; Farrés-Cebrián, Mireia; Saurina, Javier; Núñez Burcio, Oscar
20-Mar-2020Authentication of the origin, variety and roasting degree of coffee samples by non-targeted HPLC-UV fingerprinting and chemometrics. Application to the detection and quantitation of adulterated coffee samplesNúñez, Nerea; Collado, Xavi; Martínez, Clara; Saurina, Javier; Núñez Burcio, Oscar
12-Apr-2021Authenticity assessment and fraud quantitation of coffee adulterated with chicory, barley and blours by untargeted HPLC-UV-FLD fingerprinting and chemometricsNúñez, Nerea; Saurina, Javier; Núñez Burcio, Oscar
2021Berry-based products classification by FIA−HRMS fingerprinting and chemometric analysisCampmajó Galván, Guillem; Saurina, Javier; Núñez Burcio, Oscar
16-Nov-2010Caracterització espectroscòpica i cromatogràfica de sistemes d'alliberament controlat preparats mitjançant tecnologies supercrítiquesArgemí Garcia, Anna
2022Characterization and Classification of Spanish Honey by Non-targeted LC-HRMS (Orbitrap) Fingerprinting and Multivariate Chemometric MethodsGarcía Seval, Victor; Saurina, Javier; Sentellas, Sonia; Núñez Burcio, Oscar
Feb-2023Characterization and classification of Spanish honeydew and blossom honeys based on their antioxidant capacityFernández-Estellé, Mónica; Hernández-González, Víctor; Saurina, Javier; Núñez Burcio, Oscar; Sentellas, Sonia
Jun-2014Characterization of beers by liquid chromatography and chemometric data analysisPérez Ràfols, Clara
16-Jan-2014Characterization of fruit products by capillary zone electrophoresis and liquid chromatography using the compositional profiles of polyphenols. Application to authentication of natural extractsNavarro Reig, Meritxell; Núñez Burcio, Oscar; Saurina, Javier; Hernández Cassou, Santiago; Puignou i Garcia, Lluís
13-Oct-2021Characterization of Musts, Wines and Sparkling Wines Based on Their Elemental Composition Determined by ICP-OES and ICP-MSGranell, Biel; Izquierdo Llopart, Anaïs; Sahuquillo, Àngel; Saurina, Javier; López Sánchez, Jose Fermín
1-Mar-2022Characterization of Musts, Wines, and Sparkling Wines Based on Their Elemental Composition Determined by ICP-OES and ICP-MSGranell Geli, Biel; Izquierdo-Llopart, Anais; Sahuquillo Estrugo, Àngels; López Sánchez, José Fermín; Saurina, Javier
10-Jan-2019Characterization of Sparkling Wines According to Polyphenolic Profiles Obtained by HPLC-UV/Vis and Principal Component AnalysisIzquierdo-Llopart, Anais; Saurina, Javier
Jun-2018Characterization of sparkling wines by liquid chromatographyTorres Cobos, Berta