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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jul-2022Pen-and-paper versus computer-mediated writing modality as a new dimension of task complexityVasylets, Olena; Marín, Javier
29-May-2017Task-Modality Effects: A Study of Task Complexity Effects in Speech and WritingVasylets, Olena
27-Jan-2021The children’s use of tactile and visual information (vs. acoustic information) when learning non-native phonological contrastsEsteve-Gibert, Núria; Suárez, Maria del Mar; Vasylets, Olena; Feijóo Antolín, Sara; Serrano, Raquel
2018The effects of captioned video on processing and vocabulary learning under different genresGilabert Guerrero, Roger; Suárez, Maria del Mar; Moskvina, Natalia; Levkina, Mayya; Barón Parés, Júlia; Vasylets, Olena; Feijóo Antolín, Sara
Aug-2021Visual, audiovisual and audiovisual-tactile modes in the perception and production of non-native sounds by childrenEsteve-Gibert, Núria; Suárez, Maria del Mar; Vasylets, Olena; Serrano, Raquel