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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Mar-2023Neuronal Cultures: Exploring Biophysics, Complex Systems, and Medicine in a DishSoriano i Fradera, Jordi
18-May-2023Astrocyte dysfunction and neuronal network hyperactivity in a CRISPR engineered pluripotent stem cell model of frontotemporal dementiaCanals, Isaac; Comella-Bolla, Andrea; Cepeda-Prado, Efrain; Avaliani, Natalia; Crowe, James A.; Oburoglu, Leal; Bruzelius, Andreas; King, Naomi; Pajares, María A.; Pérez-Sala, Dolores; Heuer, Andreas; Rylander Ottosson, Daniella; Soriano i Fradera, Jordi; Ahlenius, Henrik
20-May-2023Dynamical and topological conditions triggering the spontaneous activation of Izhikevich neuronal networksFaci-Lázaro, Sergio; Soriano i Fradera, Jordi; Mazo, Juan José; Gómez-Gardeñes, Jesús
2011Dimer-covering resonating-valence-bond treatment of single-walled zigzag carbon nanotubesGarcía Bach, Ma. de los Ángeles
1976Variational localized-site cluster expansions. II. Trees and near treesKlein, D.J.; García Bach, Ma. de los Ángeles
25-Apr-2023Size-Pore-Dependent Methanol Sequestration from Water-Methanol Mixtures by an Embedded Graphene SlitBellido Peralta, Roger; Leoni, Fabio; Calero Borrallo, Carles; Franzese, Giancarlo
5-Apr-2023Cross-coupling contribution to the isothermal entropy change in multicaloric materialsMañosa, Lluís; Stern Taulats, Enric; Gràcia Condal, Adrià; Planes Vila, Antoni
4-Mar-2023Reformulating computational social science with citizen social science: the case of a community-based mental health care researchBonhoure, Isabelle; Cigarini, Anna; Vicens, Julián; Mitats, Bàrbara; Perelló, Josep, 1974-
18-Jan-2023Laser bioprinting of human iPSC-derived neural stem cells and neurons: Effect on cell survival, multipotency, differentiation, and neuronal activityKoch, Lothar; Deiwick, Andrea; Soriano i Fradera, Jordi; Chichkov, Boris
6-Oct-2022A geometry-induced topological phase transition in random graphsKolk, Jasper van der; Serrano Moral, Ma. Ángeles (María Ángeles); Boguñá, Marián
14-Sep-2022Temperature-dependent elastic properties of DNARico Pastó, Marc; Ritort Farran, Fèlix
10-Nov-2022Three-State Opinion Model on Complex TopologiesFerri, Irene; Pérez-Vicente, Conrado, 1962-; Palassini, Matteo; Díaz Guilera, Albert
1-Apr-2022A broad perspective to particle-laden fluid interfaces systems: From chemically homogeneous particles to active colloidsGuzmán, Eduardo; Martínez Pedrero, Fernando; Calero Borrallo, Carles; Maestro, Armando; Ortega, Francisco; Rubio, Ramón G.
15-Nov-2022Valuing the distant future under stochastic resettings: the effect on discountingMontero Torralbo, Miquel; Perelló, Josep, 1974-; Masoliver, Jaume, 1951-
6-Jun-2022Resolving spin currents and spin densities generated by charge-spin interconversion in systems with reduced crystal symmetryCamosi, Lorenzo; Světlík, Josef; Costache, Marius V; Savero Torres, Williams; Fernández Aguirre, Iván; Marinova, Vera; Dimitrov, Dimitre; Gospodinov, Marin; Sierra, Juan F.; Valenzuela, Sergio O.
10-Feb-2023Counting of level crossings for inertial random processes: Generalization of the Rice formulaMasoliver, Jaume, 1951-; Palassini, Matteo
2021Blood rheological characterization of β-thalassemia trait and iron deficiency using front microrheometryMendez-Mora, Lourdes; Cabello-Fusares, Maria; Ferre Torres, Josep; Riera Llobet, Carla; Krishnevskaya, Elena; Trejo Soto, Claudia Andre; Payan-Pernia, Salvador; Hernandez Rodríguez, Inés; Morales Indiano, Cristian; Alarcón Cor, Tomás; Vives i Corrons, Joan Lluís; Hernández Machado, Aurora
25-Jan-2023Many-Body Contributions in Water NanoclustersAbella, David; Franzese, Giancarlo; Hernández Rojas, Javier
15-Nov-2022Friction induces anisotropic propulsion in sliding magnetic microtrianglesJunot, Gaspard; Leyva, Sergi G.; Pauer, Christoph; Calero Borrallo, Carles; Pagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio; Liedl, Tim; Tavacoli, Joe; Tierno, Pietro
19-May-2022From radial to unidirectional water pumping in zeta-potential modulated Nafion nanostructures.Esplandiu, María J.; Reguera, D. (David); Romero Guzmán, Daniel; Gallardo Moreno, A. M.; Fraxedas, Jordi
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1160