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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Oct-2013Fetal cardiovascular dysfunction in intrauterine growth restriction as a predictive marker of perinatal outcome and cardiovascular disease in childhoodCruz Lemini, Mónica Cristina
10-Apr-2014Patterns of maternal and neonatal vascular adaptations in placental diseaseStergiotou, Iosifina
5-Mar-2012Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) and imprinted gene expression in the placenta: Role of PLAGL1 and analysis of the 6q24.2 RegionIglesias Platas, Isabel
3-Sep-2009Fetal programming of cardiovascular dysfunction in intrauterine growth restrictionCrispi Brillas, Fàtima
25-Oct-2002Diagnóstico prenatal del retraso de crecimiento intrauterino mediante marcadores bioquímicos: IGF-I, IGFBP-I, Leptina y AFP.Gómez Roig, Ma. Dolores
15-Apr-2010Perinatal and neurodevelopmental outcome of late-onset growth restricted fetusesOrós López, Daniel
3-Nov-2010Cerebral and cardiac Doppler parameters in the identification of fetuses with late-onset intrauterine growth restriction at risk of adverse perinatal and neurobehavioral outcomeCruz Martínez, Rogelio
3-Nov-2011Brain reorganization in an experimental model of intrauterine growth restrictionEixarch Roca, Elisenda
26-Jun-2014Multiscale characterization of cardiac remodeling induced by intrauterine growth restriction, at organ, cellular and subcellular levelGonzález Tendero, Anna
17-Jul-2014Brain connectivity network models based on multi-modal MRI to study brain reorganization of prenatal origin using intrauterine growth restriction as a modelBatallé Bolaño, Dafnis