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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Jan-2017Advanced clustering techniques for the IDU cross-match in the ESA Gaia missionTorra Clotet, Ferran
1995Bounds for the Betti numbers of generalized Cohen-Macaulay idealsHoa, Le Tuan; Miró-Roig, Rosa M. (Rosa Maria)
1994A cohomological class of vector bundlesMiró-Roig, Rosa M. (Rosa Maria)
1990The degree of smooth non-arithmetically Cohen-Macaulay threefolds in P5Miró-Roig, Rosa M. (Rosa Maria)
2005Derived categories of projective bundlesCosta Farràs, Laura; Miró-Roig, Rosa M. (Rosa Maria)
2005Dimension of families of determinantal schemesKleppe, J.O.; Miró-Roig, Rosa M. (Rosa Maria)
2011Families of determinantal schemesKleppe, J.O.; Miró-Roig, Rosa M. (Rosa Maria)
20-Jul-2021Gröbner's problem and the geometry of GT-varietiesColarte Gómez, Liena
28-Jun-2018GT-VarietiesColarte Gómez, Liena
1-Jan-1985Haces reflexivos sobre espacios proyectivosMiró-Roig, Rosa M. (Rosa Maria)
19-Mar-2018Lefschetz properties for complete intersection ideals generated by products of linear formsJuhnke-Kubitzke, Martina; Miró-Roig, Rosa M. (Rosa Maria); Murai, Satoshi; Wachi, Akihito
16-Jan-2017Lefschetz properties in algebra and geometrySalat Moltó, Martí
1999A lower bound for the number of components of the moduli schemes of stable rank 2 vector bundles on projective 3-foldsBallico, E.; Miró-Roig, Rosa M. (Rosa Maria)
1-Sep-1998Moduli spaces of vector bundles on algebraic varietiesCosta Farràs, Laura
2011Monomial ideals, almost complete intersections and the Weak lefschetz PropertyMigliore, Juan C. (Juan Carlos), 1956-; Miró-Roig, Rosa M. (Rosa Maria); Nagel, Uwe
11-Nov-2019New results on modular forms and Fermat-type equationsSoto Ballesteros, Eduard
1992Non-obstructed subcanonical space curvesMiró-Roig, Rosa M. (Rosa Maria)
2018On the classification of Togliatti systemsMiró-Roig, Rosa M. (Rosa Maria); Salat Moltó, Martí
Aug-2015On the intersection of ACM curves in $\mathbb{P}$Hartshorne, Robin; Miró-Roig, Rosa M. (Rosa Maria)
2003On the minimal free resolution of $n+1$ general formsMigliore, Juan C. (Juan Carlos), 1956-; Miró-Roig, Rosa M. (Rosa Maria)