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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Oct-2018A Photoswitchable Antimetabolite for Targeted Photoactivated ChemotherapyMatera, Carlo; Gomila Juaneda, Alexandre; Camarero, Núria; Libergoli, Michela; Soler Prat, Concepció; Gorostiza Langa, Pablo Ignacio
25-May-2018Regulation of cell cycle progression by cell-cell and cell-matrix forcesUroz, Marina; Wistorf, Sabrina; Serra Picamal, Xavier; Conte, Vito; Sales i Pardo, Marta; Roca-Cusachs Soulere, Pere; Guimerà Manrique, Roger; Trepat Guixer, Xavier
Mar-2012Electrochemical behaviour of mixed LB films of ubiquinone - DPPCHoyo Pérez, Javier; Guaus Guerrero, Ester; Torrent Burgués, Juan; Sanz Carrasco, Fausto
22-Oct-2016Synthesis of a polymethyl(methacrylate)-polystyrene-based diblock copolymer containing biotin for selective protein nanopatterningLagunas, Anna; Sasso, B.; Tesson, N.; Cantos, C.; Martínez, Elena; Samitier i Martí, Josep
31-Aug-2015Surface-Bound Molecular Gradients for the High-Throughput Screening of Cell ResponsesLagunas, Anna; Martínez, Elena; Samitier i Martí, Josep
11-Feb-2018Chemical Sensor Systems and Associated Algorithms for Fire Detection: A ReviewFonollosa, Jordi; Solórzano, Ana; Marco Colás, Santiago
1-Sep-2015Bioinspired Early Detection through gas flow modulation in chemo-sensory systemsZiyatdinov, Andrey; Fonollosa Magrinyà, Jordi; Fernández Romero, Luis; Gutiérrez Gálvez, Agustín; Marco Colás, Santiago; Perera, Alexandre
1-Feb-2016Monitoring developmental force distributions in reconstituted embryonic epithelia.Przybyla, L.; Lakins, J. N.; Sunyer, R.; Trepat Guixer, Xavier; Weaver, V. M.
25-Feb-2019Dynamic photopolymerization produces complex microstructures on hydrogels in a moldless approach to generate a 3D intestinal tissue modelGarcía Castaño, Albert; García Díaz, María; Torras, Núria; Altay, Gizem; Comelles, Jordi; Martínez Fraiz, Elena
18-Dec-2018Mimicking epithelial tissues in three-dimensional cell culture modelsTorras, Núria; García Díaz, María; Fernandez Majada, Vanesa; Martínez Fraiz, Elena