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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Strain-induced quenching of optical transitions in capped self-assembled quantum dot structuresPrieto, J. A.; Armelles Reig, G.; Utzmeier, Thomas; Briones Fernández-Pola, Fernando; Ferrer, J. C.; Peiró Martínez, Francisca; Cornet i Calveras, Albert; Morante i Lleonart, Joan Ramon
1997Stationary states and phase diagram for a model of the Gunn effect under realistic boundary conditionsGomila Lluch, Gabriel; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel; Rodríguez Cantalapiedra, Inma; Bonilla, L. L. (Luis López), 1956-
1997Asymptotic analysis of the Gunn effect with realistic boundary conditionsBonilla, L. L. (Luis López), 1956-; Rodríguez Cantalapiedra, Inma; Gomila Lluch, Gabriel; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel
1-Apr-1997Gas collisions and pressure quenching of the photoluminescence of silicon nanopowder grown by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor depositionRoura Grabulosa, Pere; Costa i Balanzat, Josep; Morante i Lleonart, Joan Ramon; Bertrán Serra, Enric
15-Jul-1999Effects of the epitaxial layer thickness on the noise properties of Schottky barrier diodesGomila Lluch, Gabriel; Bulashenko, Oleg
1991On the artificial creation of the EL2 center by means of boron implantation in gallium arsenideMorante i Lleonart, Joan Ramon; Pérez Rodríguez, Alejandro; Samitier i Martí, Josep; Romano Rodríguez, Alberto