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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jul-2018On the performance of electrocatalytic anodes for photoelectro-Fenton treatment of synthetic solutions and real water spiked with the herbicide chlorambenThiam, Abdoulaye; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Salazar, Ricardo; Brillas, Enric
25-Aug-2019On the positive effect of UVC light during the removal of benzothiazoles by photoelectro-Fenton with UVA lightXu, Anlin; Brillas, Enric; Han, Weiqing; Wang, Lianjun; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
2016On the selection of the anode material for the electrochemical removal of methylparaben from aqueous mediaSteter, Juliana R.; Brillas, Enric; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
17-Jan-2023On the viability of chitosan-derived mesoporous carbons as supports for PtCu electrocatalysts in PEMFCGarcia-Cardona, Julia; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Mazzucato, Marco; Brandiele, Riccardo; Brillas, Enric; Alcaide, Francisco; Durante, Christian; Cabot Julià, Pere-Lluís
7-Sep-2017On-site H2O2 electrogeneration at a CoS2-based air-diffusion cathode for the electrochemical degradation of organic pollutantsRidruejo, Carlota; Alcaide Monterrubio, Francisco; Álvarez, Garbiñe; Brillas, Enric; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
9-May-2019Paired electro-oxidation of insecticide imidacloprid and electrodenitrification in simulated and real water matricesOriol, Roger; Bernicola, M.P.; Brillas, Enric; Cabot Julià, Pere-Lluís; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
9-Apr-2021Paired electrochemical removal of nitrate and terbuthylazine pesticide from groundwater using mesh electrodesOriol, Roger; Brillas, Enric; Cabot Julià, Pere-Lluís; Cortina Pallàs, José Luis; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
10-Jun-2020Photo-assisted electrochemical production of HClO and Fe2+ as Fenton-like reagents in chloride media for sulfamethoxazole degradationMurrieta, Maria F.; Brillas, Enric; Nava, José L.; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
18-Oct-2018Photoelectro-Fenton as post-treatment for electrocoagulated benzophenone-3-loaded synthetic and urban wastewaterYe, Zhihong; Steter, Juliana R.; Centellas Masuet, Francesc A.; Cabot Julià, Pere-Lluís; Brillas, Enric; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
11-Nov-2020Photoelectro-Fenton treatment of pesticide triclopyr at neutral pH using Fe(III)-EDDS under UVA light or sunlightDa Costa Soares, Izabelle C.; Oriol, Roger; Ye, Zhihong; Martínez-Huitle, Carlos Alberto; Cabot Julià, Pere-Lluís; Brillas, Enric; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
5-May-2018Photoelectrocatalytic inactivation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa using an Ag-decorated TiO2 photoanodeDomínguez-Espíndola, R. B.; Bruguera Casamada, Carmina; Silva-Martínez, Susana; Araujo Boira, Rosa Ma.; Brillas, Enric; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
1-Jun-2012Els Qüestionaris com a recurs docent en l'aprenentatge autònom. Resultats d'una prova pilot en un curs de Química bàsica.Centellas Masuet, Francesc A.; Garcia Segura, Sergio; Brillas, Enric
25-Mar-2021Recent development of electrochemical advanced oxidation of herbicides. A review on its application to wastewater treatment and soil remediationBrillas, Enric
4-Aug-2016Removal of 4-hydroxyphenylacetic acid from aqueous medium by electrochemical oxidation with a BDD anode: mineralization, kinetics and oxidation productsFlores Tapia, Nelly Esther; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Rodríguez González, Rosa Ma.; Centellas Masuet, Francesc A.; Cabot Julià, Pere-Lluís; Garrido Ponce, José Antonio; Brillas, Enric
7-Sep-2020Removal of bisphenol A from acidic sulfate medium and urban wastewater using persulfate activated with electroregenerated Fe2+Dos Santos, Alexsandro Jhones; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Brillas, Enric
4-Jul-2018Removal of metals and phosphorus recovery from urban anaerobically digested sludge by electro-Fenton treatmentBurgos-Castillo, Rutely; Sillanpää, Mika; Brillas, Enric; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
28-Jan-2019Removal of the drug procaine from acidic aqueous solutions using a flow reactor with a boron-doped diamond anodeQueiroz, Nathalia M. P.; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Zanta, Carmen L. P. S.; Tonholo, Josealdo; Brillas, Enric
7-Mar-2018Removal of tyrosol from water by adsorption on carbonaceous materials and electrochemical advanced oxidation processesFlores Tapia, Nelly Esther; Sharif, Farbod; Yasri, Nael; Brillas, Enric; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Roberts, Edward P.L.
19-Nov-2022Replacing carbon cloth by nickel mesh as substrate for air-diffusion cathodes: H2O2 production and carbenicillin degradation by photoelectro-FentonRen, Gengbo; Lanzalaco, Sonia; Zhou, Minghua; Cabot Julià, Pere-Lluís; Brillas, Enric; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
1-Jan-2016Routes for the electrochemical degradation of the artificial food azo-colour Ponceau 4R by advanced oxidation processesThiam, Abdoulaye; Brillas, Enric; Garrido Ponce, José Antonio; Rodríguez González, Rosa Ma.; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio