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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2020CHARM-EU D2.1 - Report on best practices governance and management models within and out of the Higher Education SystemCHARM-EU Consortium
Mar-2022CHARM-EU D2.3 - Forum on European University Management and recommendations reportsCHARM-EU Consortium
Dec-2022CHARM-EU D2.4 - Handbook on innovative model of governance and management in CHARM-EU and for the tool-kitCHARM-EU Consortium
Dec-2022CHARM-EU D2.6 - White paper on governance and management models for dissemination to policy makersCHARM-EU Consortium
Jun-2020CHARM-EU D3.1 - Curriculum Design BlueprintCHARM-EU Consortium
Oct-2022CHARM-EU D3.2 - Programme Content GuidelinesCHARM-EU Consortium
Jun-2020CHARM-EU D4.1 - Pedagogical guidelinesCHARM-EU Consortium
Jun-2021CHARM-EU D4.2 - Programme structure and content creation guidelines (with exemplars and Learning Objectives)CHARM-EU Consortium
Jun-2021CHARM-EU D4.3 - Teaching and Learning strategies handbookCHARM-EU Consortium
Jun-2022CHARM-EU D4.4 - Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Platform MVP Design GuideCHARM-EU Consortium
Jun-2021CHARM-EU D4.6 - Assessment Techniques and Criteria ResourcesCHARM-EU Consortium
Dec-2022CHARM-EU D5.4 - Mobility matrix, handbook and funding system already tested ready for the tool kitCHARM-EU Consortium
Nov-2022CHARM-EU D6.1 - Key findings of the CHARM-EU Inclusiveness SurveyCHARM-EU Consortium
Nov-2022CHARM-EU D6.2 - Good Practices in the field of inclusion and diversityCHARM-EU Consortium
Dec-2022CHARM-EU D6.4 - Inclusivity Plan Review & Key FindingsCHARM-EU Consortium
Sep-2021CHARM-EU D7.2 - Exemplar learning experiencesCHARM-EU Consortium
Dec-2022CHARM-EU D7.4 - Evaluation - Exemplar Learning Experience and Masters PilotCHARM-EU Consortium
Dec-2022CHARM-EU D8.4 - Revised final CHARM-EU Blueprint and Toolkit PortfolioCHARM-EU Consortium