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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Application of fuzzy-rule-based postprocessing to correlation methods in pattern recognitionWolf, T.; Gutmann, B.; Weber, H.; Ferré Borrull, Josep; Bosch i Puig, Salvador; Vallmitjana i Rico, Santiago
1999La lògica difusa i la seva aplicació al reconeixement de formes per correlacióFerré Borrull, Josep; Vallmitjana i Rico, Santiago; Bosch i Puig, Salvador
2002On-line applet-based optics course for undergraduate studentsCarnicer González, Arturo; Bosch i Puig, Salvador; Ferré Borrull, Josep; Juvells Prades, Ignacio; Labastida i Juan, Ignasi, 1970-; Martín Badosa, Estela; Francisco Moneo, J. Ramón de; Pleguezuelos Aguilera, Encarnación; Tudela Fernández, Raúl; Vallmitjana i Rico, Santiago
2001Procedure to characterize microroughness of optical thin films: application to ion-beam-sputtered vacuum-ultraviolet coatingsFerré Borrull, Josep; Duparré, Angela; Quesnel, Etienne
2000Roughness and light scattering of ion-beam-sputtered fluoride coatings for 193 nmFerré Borrull, Josep; Duparré, Angela; Quesnel, Etienne
2001Surface characterization techniques for determining the root-mean-square roughness and power spectral densities of optical componentsDuparré, Angela; Ferré Borrull, Josep; Gliech, Stefan; Notni, Gunther; Steinert, Jörg; Bennett, Jean M.
2002Ultraviolet optical and microstructural properties of MgF2 and LaF3 coatings deposited by ion-beam sputtering and boat and electron-beam evaporationRistau, Detlev; Günster, Stefan; Bosch i Puig, Salvador; Duparré, Angela; Masetti, Enrico; Ferré Borrull, Josep; Kiriakidis, George; Peiró Martínez, Francisca; Quesnel, Etienne; Tihhonravov, Alexander
2003Use of information on the manufacture of samples for the optical characterization of multilayers through a global optimizationSancho i Parramon, Jordi; Ferré Borrull, Josep; Bosch i Puig, Salvador; Ferrara, Maria Christina