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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2011A model of continuous time polymer on the latticeMárquez, David (Márquez Carreras); Rovira Escofet, Carles; Tindel, Samy
2020A stochastic epidemic model of COVID-19 diseaseBardina i Simorra, Xavier; Ferrante, Marco; Rovira Escofet, Carles
24-Jan-2022Cadenes de Markov a temps discretHernández Camacho, Asier
Dec-2019Coinfection in a stochastic model for bacteriophage systemsBardina i Simorra, Xavier; Cuadrado Gavilán, Sílvia; Rovira Escofet, Carles
12-Dec-1995Contribució a l'estudi de les equacions diferencials estocàstiquesRovira Escofet, Carles
13-Apr-2018Contributions to stochastic analysisBinotto, Giulia
26-Jun-2020Convergence of delay equations driven by a Hölder continuous function of order 1/3<β<1/2.Besalú, Mireia; Binotto, Giulia; Rovira Escofet, Carles
28-Jun-2023Convergence to the brownian motionCano i Cànovas, Marc
2005Cristalls de spinMárquez, David (Márquez Carreras); Rovira Escofet, Carles
2-Mar-2011Equacions diferencials estocàstiques dirigides per un moviment Brownià fraccionariBesalú, Mireia
2010Integration with respect to local time and Ito's formula for smooth nondegenerate martingalesBardina i Simorra, Xavier; Rovira Escofet, Carles
21-Jun-2020Jocs estocàsticsReverter Condal, Daniel
2000Large deviations for stochastic Volterra equationsNualart, David, 1951-; Rovira Escofet, Carles
1997Large deviations for stochastic Volterra equations in the planeRovira Escofet, Carles; Sanz-Solé, Marta
13-Jun-2022Markov chains and Markov chain Monte Carlo methodsAriadna, Gómez del Pulgar Martínez
2007On Ito's formula for elliptic diffusion processesBardina i Simorra, Xavier; Rovira Escofet, Carles
2021On the strong convergence of multiple ordinary integrals to multiple Stratonovich integralsBardina i Simorra, Xavier; Rovira Escofet, Carles
21-Jun-2020Passeig aleatoriJovaní Bertran, Marc
1-Feb-2018Un passeig aleatori: el problema de la ruina del jugadorSeara Mora, Carles
17-Jan-2016Processos de ramificacióFilella Mercè, Isaac