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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Sep-2018An arithmetic Bernstein-Kushnirenko inequalityMartínez, César; Sombra, Martín
1-Oct-2019Appendix to the paper by W. Gubler, Ph. Jell, K. Künnemann and F. Martin, Continuity of plurisubharmonic envelopes in non-archimedean geometry and test idealsBurgos Gil, José I.; Sombra, Martín
20-Jun-2021Aproximació als conjunts de Julia i al conjunt de MandelbrotFernàndez Porta, Marta
2021Bounds for multivariate residues and for the polynomials in the elimination theoremSombra, Martín; Yger, Alain
24-Jan-2023Diophantine approximation in the framework of Roth’s theoremValcarce Dalmau, Eduard
19-Sep-2019Factorization of bivariate sparse polynomialsAmoroso, Francesco; Sombra, Martín
1-Feb-2018Orbits of polynomial dynamical systems modulo primesChang, Mei-Chu; D'Andrea, Carlos, 1973-; Ostafe, Alina; Shparlinski, Igor E.; Sombra, Martín
21-Jun-2016Quantitative equidistribution of Galois orbits of points of small height on the algebraic torusNarváez Clauss, Marta
1-Jan-2009Sobre Corbes paramètriques i polígons de NewtonD'Andrea, Carlos, 1973-; Sombra, Martín
30-Mar-2022The Canny-Emiris conjecture for the sparse resultantD'Andrea, Carlos, 1973-; Jeronimo, Gabriela; Sombra, Martín
1-Apr-2019The distribution of Galois orbits of points of small height in toric varietiesBurgos Gil, José I.; Philippon, Patrice; Rivera-Letelier, Juan; Sombra, Martín
12-Feb-2020The geometry of the flex locus of a hypersurfaceBusé, Laurent; D'Andrea, Carlos, 1973-; Sombra, Martín; Weimann, Martin
11-Sep-2019The polynomial method over varietiesRovira Cisterna, Sergi