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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2020A Comprehensive Phenotypic and Functional Immune Analysis Unravels Circulating Anti-Phospholipase A2 Receptor Antibody Secreting Cells in Membranous Nephropathy PatientsCantarelli, Chiara; Jarque, Marta; Angeletti, Andrea; Manrique, Joaquin; Hartzell, Susan; O'Donnell, Timothy; Merritt, Elliot; Laserson, Uri; Perin, Laura; Donadei, Chiara; Anderson, Lisa; Fischman, Clara; Chan, Emilie; Draibe, Juliana; Fulladosa, Xavier; Torras Ambròs, Joan; Riella, Leonardo V.; Manna, Gaetano La; Fiaccadori, Enrico; Maggiore, Umberto; Bestard Matamoros, Oriol; Cravedi, Paolo
Aug-2016A randomized study comparing parathyroidectomy with cinacalcet for treating hypercalcemia in kidney allograft recipients with hyperparathyroidismCruzado, Josep Ma.; Moreno Llorente, Pablo; Torregrosa Prats, José Vicente; Taco, Omar; Mast, Richard; Gómez Vaquero, Carmen; Polo, Carolina; Revuelta, Ignacio; Francos Martínez, José Manuel; Torras Ambròs, Joan; Gracia Barrasa, Arantxa; Bestard Matamoros, Oriol; Grinyó Boira, Josep M.
Feb-2013Acute renal failure induced by acute interstitial nephritis secondary to cocaineGelpi, Rosana; Taco, Omar; Gomà, Montse; Torras Ambròs, Joan; Poveda, Rafael; Álvarez, Teresa; Grinyó Boira, Josep M.; Fulladosa, Xavier
26-Feb-2021Acute Tubulointerstitial Nephritis in Clinical Oncology: A Comprehensive ReviewMartínez Valenzuela, Laura; Draibe, Juliana; Fulladosa, Xavier; Gomà, Montse; Gómez, Francisco; Antón, Paula; Cruzado, Josep Ma.; Torras Ambròs, Joan
Jun-2018ALUminating the Path of Atherosclerosis Progression: Chaos Theory Suggests a Role for Alu Repeats in the Development of Atherosclerotic Vascular DiseaseHueso Val, Miguel; Cruzado, Josep Ma.; Torras Ambròs, Joan; Navarro, Estanis
2019An exonic switch regulates differential accession of microRNAs to the Cd34 transcript in aterosclerosis progressionHueso Val, Miguel; Cruzado, Josep Ma.; Torras Ambròs, Joan; Navarro, Estanis
22-Oct-2018Calprotectin as a smoldering activity detection tool and renal prognosis biomarker in ANCA associated vasculitisMartínez Valenzuela, Laura; Draibe, Juliana; Quero Ramos, Maria; Fulladosa, Xavier; Melilli, Edoardo; Cruzado, Josep Ma.; Torras Ambròs, Joan
14-Jun-2013CD40 gene silencing reduces the progression of experimental lupus nephritis modulating local milieu and systemic mechanismsRipoll Llagostera, Èlia; Merino, Ana; Gomà, Montse; Aran Perramon, Josep M.; Bolaños, Núria; Ramon, Laura de; Herrero Fresneda, Immaculada; Bestard Matamoros, Oriol; Cruzado, Josep Ma.; Grinyó Boira, Josep M.; Torras Ambròs, Joan
11-Dec-2003Chronic allograft nephropathyTorras Ambròs, Joan; Herrero Fresneda, Immaculada; Grinyó Boira, Josep M.
29-Mar-2015Chronic Kidney Disease is associated with an increase of Intimal Dendritic cells in a comparative autopsy studyHueso Val, Miguel; Torras Ambròs, Joan; Carrera, Marta; Vidal-Bel, August; Navarro, Estanis; Grinyó Boira, Josep M.
18-Dec-2020Chronic kidney disease-associated inflammation increases in risks of acute kidney injury and mortality after cardíac surgeryCasas, Ángela; Mallén, Adrián; Blasco Lucas, Arnau; Sbraga, Fabrizio; Guiteras, Jordi; Bolaños, Núria; Castaño Boldú, Esther; Torras Ambròs, Joan; Cruzado, Josep Ma.; Navarro, Estanis; Hueso Val, Miguel
2012Clinical pharmacokinetics of mycophenolic acid and its metabolites in solid organ transplant recipientColom Codina, Helena; Lloberas Blanch, Núria; Caldés, Ana; Andreu, Franc; Torras Ambròs, Joan; Oppenheimer Salinas, Federico; Sánchez-Plumed, Jaime; Gentil, Miguel A.; Kuypers, Dirk R.; Brunet i Serra, Mercè; Ekberg, Henrik; Grinyó Boira, Josep M.
12-Feb-2017Data on genotypic distribution and linkage disequilibrium of several ANRIL polymorphisms in hemodialysis patientsArbiol Roca, Ariadna; Padró i Miquel, Ariadna; Hueso Val, Miguel; Navarro, Estanis; Alía Ramos, Pedro; González-Álvarez, M. T.; Rama, Inés; Torras Ambròs, Joan; Grinyó Boira, Josep M.; Cruzado, Josep Ma.; Lloberas Blanch, Núria
Dec-2016Datasets for the validation of the 'in vivo' siRNA-silencing of CD40 and for the detection of new markers of aterosclerosis progression in ApoE-deficient miceHueso Val, Miguel; Ramon, Laura de; Navarro, Estanis; Ripoll Llagostera, Èlia; Cruzado, Josep Ma.; Grinyó Boira, Josep M.; Torras Ambròs, Joan
12-Mar-2012Delayed mTOR inhibition with low dose of everolimus reduces TGFβ expression, attenuates proteinuria and renal damage in the renal mass reduction modelKurdián, Melania; Herrero Fresneda, Immaculada; Lloberas Blanch, Núria; Giménez Bonafé, Pepita; Coria, Virginia; Grande, María T.; Boggia, José; Malacrida, Leonel; Torras Ambròs, Joan; Arévalo, Miguel A.; González-Martínez, Francisco; López-Novoa, José M.; Grinyó Boira, Josep M.; Noboa, Oscar
25-Nov-2009Different Storing and Processing Conditions of Human Lymphocytes do not Alter P-Glycoprotein Rhodamine 123 EffluxChiva Blanch, Gemma; Giménez Bonafé, Pepita; Llaudó Vallmajor, Inés; Torras Ambròs, Joan; Cruzado, Josep Ma.; Petriz, Jordi; Castaño Boldú, Esther; Franquesa, Marcella; Herrero Fresneda, Immaculada; Tortosa i Moreno, Avelina; Rama, Inés; Bestard Matamoros, Oriol; Grinyó Boira, Josep M.; Lloberas Blanch, Núria
26-Jan-2021Dual and Opposite Costimulatory Targeting with a Novel Human Fusion Recombinant Protein Effectively Prevents Renal Warm Ischemia Reperfusion Injury and Allograft Rejection in Murine ModelsGuiteras, Jordi; Ramón, Laura de; Crespo, Elena; Bolaños, Núria; Barceló-Batllori, Sílvia; Martínez Valenzuela, Laura; Fontova, Pere; Jarque, Marta; Torija, Alba; Bestard Matamoros, Oriol; Resina, David; Grinyó Boira, Josep M.; Torras Ambròs, Joan
29-Jul-2022Dual Costimulatory and Coinhibitory Targeting with a Hybrid Fusion Protein as an Immunomodulatory Therapy in Lupus Nephritis Mice ModelsGuiteras, Jordi; Crespo Fernández, Elena; Fontova, Pere; Bolaños, Nuria; Gomà, Montse; Castaño, Esther; Bestard Matamoros, Oriol; Grinyo Boira, Josep M.; Torras Ambròs, Joan
20-Nov-2019Exploring frequencies of circulating specific Th17 cells against myeloperoxidase and proteinase 3 in ANCA associated vasculitisMartínez Valenzuela, Laura; Draibe, Juliana; Quero Ramos, Maria; Fulladosa, Xavier; Cruzado, Josep Ma.; Bestard Matamoros, Oriol; Torras Ambròs, Joan
9-Nov-2020Extracapillary proliferation scoring correlates with renal outcome and contributes to stratification in adult patients with immunoglobulin A nephropathyMoreno, Jhonny L.; Rodas, Lida M.; Draibe, Juliana; Fulladosa, Xavier; Gomà, Montse; Garcia Herrera, Adriana; Cruzado, Josep Ma.; Quintana, Luis F.; Torras Ambròs, Joan