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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2012Beurling-Landau densities of weighted Fekete sets and correlation kernel estimatesAmeur, Yacin; Ortega Cerdà, Joaquim
Apr-2012On Lundh's percolation diffusionCarroll, Tom; O'Donovan, Julie; Ortega Cerdà, Joaquim
Jul-2012A characterization of bilinear forms on the dirichlet spaceCascante, Ma. Carme (Maria Carme); Ortega Aramburu, Joaquín M.
2007Configurations of balls in Euclidean space that Brownian motion cannot avoidCarroll, Tom; Ortega Cerdà, Joaquim
1999The Power-law Formalism as a Tool for Modeling Hormonal SystemsSorribas, Albert; González Sistal, Ángel
Feb-2018Expected Riesz Energy of Some Determinantal Processes on Flat ToriMarzo Sánchez, Jordi; Ortega Cerdà, Joaquim
1997On Lp solutions to the Laplace equation and zeros of holomorphic functionsBruna, Joaquim; Ortega Cerdà, Joaquim
2004Harmonic measure and uniform densitiesOrtega Cerdà, Joaquim; Seip, Kristian
21-Jun-2016Interpolation and sampling arrays in spaces of polynomialsCruz Rodríguez, Carlos Arturo
2018Equidistribution and $\beta$-ensemblesCarroll, Tom; Marzo Sánchez, Jordi; Massaneda Clares, Francesc Xavier; Ortega Cerdà, Joaquim