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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Uniform-price assignment marketsNúñez, Marina (Núñez Oliva); Rafels, Carles
2010Multi-sided Böhm-Bawerk assignment markets: the nucleolus and the core-centerTejada, Oriol; Núñez, Marina (Núñez Oliva)
2002The assignment game: core bounds for mixed-pair coalitionsNúñez, Marina (Núñez Oliva); Rafels, Carles
2003Single-valued solutions for the Böhm-Bawerk horse market gameNúñez, Marina (Núñez Oliva); Rafels, Carles
Feb-2015Korea and the Asian Economic Crisis: Did Korea Change its Economic Model?Martínez Fernández, Irene
2017Games with Graph Restricted Communication and Levels Structure of CooperationTejada, Oriol; Álvarez-Mozos, Mikel
2016An implementation of the Vickrey outcome with gross-substitutesRobles Jiménez, Francisco Javier
2010Should tax bases overlap in a federation with lobbying?Esteller Moré, Alejandro; Galmarini, Umberto; Rizzo, Leonzio
Oct-2016Generalized three-sided assignment markets: core consistency and competitive pricesAtay, Ata; Llerena Garrés, Francesc; Núñez, Marina (Núñez Oliva)
2016An alternative proof of the characterization of core stability for the assignment game [WP]Atay, Ata