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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-2015Telling true from false: cannabis users show increased susceptibility to false memoriesRiba, Jordi; Valle, Marta; Sampedro, Frederic; Rodriguez Pujadas, Aina; Martínez Horta, Saúl; Kulisevsky, Jaime; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni
2007The Impact of Catechol-0-Methyltransferase and Dopamine D4 Receptor Genotypes on Neurophysiological Markers of Performance MonitoringKrämer, Ulrike M.; Cunillera, Toni; Càmara, Estela; Marco Pallarés, Josep; Cucurell, David; Nager, Wido; Bauer, Peter; Schüle, Rebecca; Schöls, Ludger; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Münte, Thomas F.
3-Aug-2016The neurological traces of look-alike avatarsGonzález-Franco, Mar; Bellido-Rivas, Anna I.; Blom, Kristopher J.; Slater, Mel; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni
2011The role of executive functions in the control of aggressive behaviorKrämer, Ulrike M.; Kopyciok, Robert P. J.; Richter, Sylvia; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Münte, Thomas F.
15-Mar-2018Theta Coherence Asymmetry In The Dorsal Stream Of Musicians Facilitates Word LearningElmer, Stefan; Albrecht, Joëlle; Valizadeh, Seyed Abolfazl; François, Clément; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni
13-Dec-2013A Threat to a virtual hand elicits motor cortex activationGonzález-Franco, Mar; Peck, Tabitha C.; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Slater, Mel
15-Nov-2002Time course of error detection and correction in humans: neurophysiological evidence.Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Kurzbuch, Arthur R.; Münte, Thomas F.
24-Oct-2014Towards an ecological approach to understanding the neurophysiological bases of human error-monitoringPadrão, Gonçalo
13-Nov-2008Tracing functional brain architecture: a combined FMRI-DTI approachCamara Mancha, Estela
2012Updating Farful Memories with Extinction Training during Reconsolidation: A Human Study Using Auditory Aversive StimuliOyarzún, Javiera P.; López-Barroso, Diana; Fuentemilla Garriga, Lluís; Cucurell, David; Pedraza, Carmen; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Diego Balaguer, Ruth de
2010Words as anchors: known words facilitate statistical learningCunillera, Toni; Camara Mancha, Estela; Laine, Matti; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni