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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-May-2011A direct, efficient method for the preparation of siRNAs containing ribo like North [3.1.0]hexane pseudosugarsTerrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Aviñó Andrés, Anna; Siddiqui, Maqbool A.; Marquez, Victor E.; Eritja i Casadellà, Ramon
14-Dec-2018A multifunctional toolkit for target-directed cancer therapyTerrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Sánchez, Dani; Battistini, Federica; Villegas, Núria; Brun-Heath, Isabelle; Orozco López, Modesto
2005A novel nucleophilic approach to 1-alkyladenosines. A two-step synthesis of [1-N-15] adenosine from inosineTerrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Ariza Piquer, Xavier; Farràs i Soler, Jaume; Vilarrasa i Llorens, Jaume
2015Can a denaturant stabilize DNA? Pyridine reverses DNA denaturation in acidic pHPortella, Guillem; Terrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Villegas, Núria; González, Carlos; Orozco López, Modesto
9-Jun-2023Controlled sulfur-based engineering confers mouldability to phosphorothioate antisense oligonucleotidesGenna, Vito; Iglesias Fernández, Javier; Reyes Fraile, Laura; Villegas, Nuria; Guckian, Kevin; Seth, Punit; Wan, Brad; Cabrero, Carlos; Terrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Brun-Heath, Isabelle; González, Carlos; Sciabola, Simone; Villalobos, Anabella; Orozco López, Modesto
2007Discovery of non-nucleoside inhibitors of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase competing with the nucleotide substrateMaga, Giovanni; Radi, Marco; Zanoli, Samantha; Manetti, Fabrizio; Cancio, Reynel; Hübscher, Ulrich; Spadari, Silvio; Falciani, Chiara; Terrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Vilarrasa i Llorens, Jaume; Botta, Maurizio
13-Feb-2017Efficient siRNA-peptide conjugation for specific targeted delivery into tumor cellsGandioso, Albert; Massaguer i Vall-llovera, Anna; Villegas, Núria; Salvans, Cándida; Sánchez, Dani; Brun-Heath, Isabelle; Marchán Sancho, Vicente; Orozco López, Modesto; Terrazas Martínez, Montserrat
13-Jul-2006Marcatge amb 15N de purines i disseny de nous inhibidors del VIH-ITerrazas Martínez, Montserrat
19-May-2022Mechanism of reaction of RNA-dependent RNA polymerase from SARS-CoV-2Aranda, Juan; Wieczor, Milosz; Terrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Brun Heath, Isabelle; Orozco López, Modesto
19-May-2010Modified siRNAs for the study of the PAZ domainSomoza, Álvaro; Terrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Eritja i Casadellà, Ramon
24-Apr-2015Modulation of the RNA interference activity using mismatched siRNAs and acyclic threoninol nucleic acids (aTNA) unitsAlagia, Adele; Terrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Eritja i Casadellà, Ramon
11-Dec-2015Modulation of the RNAi pathway by chemically modified siRNA moleculesAlagia, Adele
10-Jan-2022Molecular basis or arginine and lysine DNA sequence-dependent thermo-stability modulationMartín Martínez, Benjamín; Dans, Pablo D.; Wieczór, Miłosz; Villegas, Núria; Brun-Heath, Isabelle; Battistini, Federica; Terrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Orozco López, Modesto
14-Mar-2012Pd-catalysed amidation of 2,6-dihalopurine nucleosides. Replacement of iodine at 0 ºCBosch Hereu, Lluís; Cialîcu, Ionela; Caner, Joaquim; Ariza Piquer, Xavier; Costa i Arnau, Anna M.; Terrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Vilarrasa i Llorens, Jaume
25-Jul-2007Polymerase-catalyzed synthesis of DNA from phosphoramidate conjugates of deoxynucleotides and amino acidsAdelfinskaya, O.; Terrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Froeyen, M.; Marlière, P.; Nauwelaerts, K.; Herdewijn, P.
4-Nov-2014RANA/aTNA chimeras: RNAi effects and nuclease resistance of single and double-stranded RNAsAlagia, Adele; Terrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Eritja i Casadellà, Ramon
Feb-2009RNA major groove modifications improve siRNA stability and biological activityTerrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Kool, Eric T.
1-Apr-2010Stepwise synthesis of oligonucleotide-peptide conjugates containing guanidinium and lipophilic groups in their 3'-terminiGrijalvo, Santiago; Terrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Aviñó Andrés, Anna; Eritja i Casadellà, Ramon
16-Nov-2010Synthesis and properties of small interfering RNA duplexes carrying 5-ethyluridine residuesTerrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Eritja i Casadellà, Ramon
15-Jul-2013Synthesis, RNAi activity and nuclease-resistant properties of apolar carbohydrates siRNA conjugatesVengut Climent, Empar; Terrazas Martínez, Montserrat; Lucas, Ricardo; Arévalo Ruiz, Matilde; Eritja i Casadellà, Ramon; Morales, Juan Carlos